Tanjung Puting National Park Borneo Indonesia is the best Orangutan tour in  the world. in Tanjung Puting you will see wild orangutan in their habitat, walk to the rainforest and enjoy the view along sekonyer river by klotok. Liveaboard makes your daily routine activities  diffrent from your home.

Enjoy the nature from the deck of boat and look the birds, monkey, proboscis monkey with binocular. Watch your eyes, in this river you have big chance to see crocodiles. .

Klotok is traditional wooden boat. You make this tour by private or group.
its an unforgettable, where you’re cut off from the rest of the world and thrust into what little nature remains of this tropical rain forest island. one of the last remaining refuges for orangutans in the wild.

Deep in the heart of Tanjung Puting you’ll get a great view of orangutans. see orangutan males, orangutans mother and babies in the forest and see how the make they daily life which is 97% similar such as human. You may have a apportunity to see gibbon, Wildlife, Wild Pig, Long Tail Macaque, and native bird.

When night falls, thousands of fireflies light up these river reeds like Christmas trees, making this a truly fairytale end to a very special journey.

these once-in-a-lifetime travel journeys are going to give you some serious wanderlust to see orangutan in their natural environment kalimantan. make  travel experiences you’ll never forget with Orangutan Tours DMC

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